Our Comprehensive Service Packages


Servicing your vehicle is intergral to keep it in good working order, a service can be anything from a simple oil and filter change right up to a full inspection and complete filtration and fluid replacment, we offer a range of servicing options to keep your vehicle running, please feel free to contact us if you require more info.



Our Bronze Service is a lubrication service and health check of your vehicle in acccordance with the service schedule or due to very low mileage. Prices start from £125inc for Petrol Vehicles and from £180inc for Diesels


The Silver Service is carried out every 12 months or 10/12,000 miles in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. Prices start from £195inc for Petrol Vehicles and from £240inc for Diesels  We also offer a 50% discount on a 4 wheel alignment check and adjustment (£54 inc) or an Air Condition Service with deodorising treatment (£45inc) with this service.


The Gold Service is a longlife service or 2 yearly (if previously had a silver service) or 24,000 miles also in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. We would also carry out a full engine diagnostics check.  Prices start from £225inc for Petrol Vehicles and from £295inc for Diesels We also offer a 50% discount on a 4 wheel alignment check and adjustment (£54 inc) and 50% off of an Air Condition Service with deodorising treatment (£45inc) with this service.


Also as part of the Bosch Car service scheme we are pleased to inform you that with every SILVER or GOLD Service we can offer a free one year breakdown service for vehicles under 10 years old (this doesn't include vehicles for hire or those serviced under Fleet agreements ).


Do you want better performance without sacrificing fuel economy?

We can remap your vehicle ECU to give you the best of both worlds

Turbo Diesel engines can see upto 40% more BHP & 60% more torque.

Turbo Petrol engines can see upto 30% more BHP with an increased throttle response.

Stage 1 remap £300 inc VAT

                                                                                 (vehicle maps are supplied by elite remaps)



This could be due to a build up of spores and mold on the hoses. Why not give our ATOM anti-bacterial treatment a go - it refreshes the A/C system and gets rid of damp, stale smells and mold. 


For only £29.40 inc VAT what do you have loose!!! 


Give it a go and make your summer a sweeter one.

                          IS YOUR MOT DUE?


We are an authorised MOT Test station for Class I, II & IV (Motor Cycles, Passenger Cars & Light Commercials).


Prices are £25 for Motor Cycles


£45 for Cars and Light Commercials.


                  Please Call to book your MOT with us, we may be able to test your vehicle while you wait.

Make light work of driving your VW Camper.  


          We can fit Lite-Steer electronic power steering to a variety of camper vans.


                             Split Screens  £1440 inc VAT (supplied and fitted)


                            Bay Campers  £1320 inc VAT (supplied and fitted)


                                         Fully guaranteed for 2 years.

                                                                            Please call us for a quote if your vehicle is not listed above. 

Injection & Air intake System Cleaning


        We can carry out an injection & air intake system clean to restore the heart of your vehicle for maximum          efficiency and performance.


Petrol & Diesel Injection System Cleaning £82.53inc vat


Petrol & Diesel Air Intake System Cleaning £81.59inc vat


Or Both Injection & Air Intake Systems Cleaning £95.25inc vat



We are able to offer our customers the full range of facilities, from MOTs to Air Con servicing, four wheel alignment to tyres, diagnostics and repairs.


We are able to undertake a vast range of jobs some of which may not be listed here so please call us to find out if we can cater for your vehicles needs.


We are conscious that time is a very valuable commodity. 

If you don't see the a price listed for the repair you require give a call and we will do our best to help you.


We are continuously striving to improve the services we can offer you - please keep an eye on our SERVICES page you may be surprised at the services we provide!!!!



We also fit tyres and can carry out a 4 wheel alignment on your vehicle using our hunter alignment equipment please see our tyre and 4 wheel alignment pages for further details.




Our many satisfied customers really appreciate the special service that we provide here at P Breading Motor Services Ltd. Our comprehensive service packages mean that you can come to us with any problems with your car and be confident of receiving an excellent service every time. 


"Our aim is to make sure that our customers leave us satisfied with the service they have received"





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